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Mobile Unlocking > Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order?
Visit our Home page and add each handset you would like to unlock into the shopping cart. You will then be presented with our online order/checkout form. Simply fill out the form and our automated system will process your order.

When will I get my code?
Delivery times are shown throughout the order process and varies depending the handset you are unlocking..

How can I find the IMEI number?
The IMEI number is usually displayed by typing *#06#, it can be found on a sticker underneath the battery or on the original box.

Is Genuine?
Absolutely! We are a UK based company with a team of dedicated telecoms professionals. We have many 1000s of satisfied customers who use and recommend our service every day. If you have any concerns, please do get in touch.
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How do I enter an unlock code?
Simple instructions are sent with the unlock code. We always keep it as simple as possible, with no technical jargon. Our team are always available should you need any help with the procedure.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major Credit / Debit cards and Paypal..

We can still provide an unlock code, even if the following applies to you:
- You are currently in a contract
- On pay as you go
- Corporate handset
- The network is unwilling to supply the code for any reason
- You are not the registered owner of the handset

Is unlocking legal?
Answer:- Yes! Unlocking is legal in most territories. We even unlock phones for law enforcement agencies. Unlocking is sometimes confused with mobile unblocking (i.e. for stolen or lost phones that are barred). Unblocking is illegal and we do not and cannot do.

My phone has been blocked or barred, can you unblock it so it will work again?
No. Unblocking is illegal and phones will not be unblocked by using this service. If a phone has been blocked in it's lifetime, it's probably been reported lost or stolen. You can check if a handset is blocked at Please do not order an unlock code for a blocked phone, as even after unlocking the phone will still be blocked. Note: We will not issue a refund if your handset is blocked.

Why should I use
The service has been set up to provide genuine unlock codes. Our team have many years experience in telecoms and our industry contacts and revolutionary technical methods give us the know-how and means of obtaining genuine unlock codes. We are able to be contacted by phone and email unlike many other websites offering "unlocking services".

How will I receive my unlock code?
By email and on screen by clicking TRACK AN ORDER.

Do I need to send in my phone?
No our service is purely online with unlock codes being provided by email and on screen. You simply enter the code into your handset using the supplied guide which will unlock it there and then. For iPhone unlocking, we unlock the iPhone remotely with no codes needed.

I havenít received my unlock code, what do I do?
Please see TRACK AN ORDER. If your unlock code has not been displayed within the expected time frame, please contact us.

My phone is asking for a PUK code. What does this mean?
If a phone is asking for a PUK code, this means that there have been 3 invalid attempts on entering the user set SIM card PIN number specific to the SIM card inserted into the handset. This means the SIM card is temporarily blocked. The network provide will provide the PUK code to the verified account holder, usually free of charge. Unlocking your handset will not bypass the PUK code for that particular SIM card.

Once my phone is unlocked, what networks can I use.
When you have unlocked your phone, you are free to use any network in any country (providing the network supports the phone you are using).

Is unlocking permanent?
Yes, unlike some other unlocks available on the market, after a genuine unlock code is entered into your handset, it will be permanently unlocked. You will never have to enter the unlock code again. Our genuine iPhone unlocking is also perminant. You can even update the phone's firmware/operating system and the phone will remain unlocked.

I've visited a local mobile unlocking shop and they have told me that it's not possible to unlock my handset, so how can you guarantee to unlock my phone?
Many unlocking shops use cables and software to unlock handsets. Many of the latest smartphones cannot be unlocked via this method and require the original unlock codes. The unlock codes we supply are pre-programmed into the handset by the manufacturer for the sole purpose of unlocking the handset. This means there is no tampering with software or the firmware of the phone. Our service also keeps the phone's warranty intact. Many unlocking shops now use our trade services which enable them to unlock phones by code, rather than traditional cable.

We hope that we were able to answer your questions, however if you have any further queries, please contact us.